Yoni Eggs and Massage wands are used to help with the strengthening of your pelvic floor muscles but will also awaken your Sensual Sins of your yoni.  Our Wands and Eggs are 100% natural rose quartz and amethyst and have been hand drilled.

The sizes are – small, medium or large in the eggs and the wand is *11 cm / 2 cm wide.

Ensure you have in place the correct techniques and safety information at hand prior to use. The internet is a great place to start to research.

The Rose quartz stones created harmony, calming and inspires compassion for all aspects of your life and your yoni.  It can also help recognise self worth, unconditional love, compassion and can bring your emotions to the surface and help heal and reconnect.

The amethyst stone is violet in colour and one of the most popular stones to make yoni eggs, besides Rose Quartz.  It is strongly associated with the sense of spiritual healing and spiritual awakening.  It is said that amethyst yoni eggs can help enhance the immune system.

*All eggs and wands need to be washed thoroughly before and after use.

Please seek medical advise should you have any health issues.

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