So, some people call them a ‘Fleshlight’, some call them a ‘Pocket Pussies’, but whatever you call them, I can say you need one of these in your life.

Fleshlights are usually made of some form of rubber and designed for a somewhat natural penetration.  All Fleshlights are different , their capabilities, appearance and of course texture but all dependant on the brand you choose.

In saying that, the function is the same: you insert your penis and start thrusting.  You maybe into the automated models which you slide it on and set the pace.

They are designed to offer you the complete package of orgasmic sensations.  The opening of the fleshlight sex toy is cast from the real vagina, mouth, or anus.  Depending on which one you prefer.

But you do need to factor in some of these; how soft is it, is it fleshy or too firm.  Is it stretchy and not too tight.  If you like tight then choose a fleshlight that doesn’t stretch too much, Do you want a smooth texture or it needs bumps, ridges.

These are just some questions to ask yourself.

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