Sensual Sins & Luddi have joined forces to bring you the Ziggy, because we believe in creating a world where pleasure is accessible to ALL bodies...

All Bodies Deserve Pleasure!

According to our friends at the world health organisation, sexual pleasure is a human right but 56% of disabled people experience difficulty self-pleasuring due to a lack of accessible sexual devices and access to sexual education.  We think the disabled population is widely being ignored when it comes to sexual pleasure and the community lack education, empowerment, and access to assistive sexual devices for people of all gender identities, sexual experience levels, and abilities.

Let's build a community!
We want to build a community to learn, connect and empower. We are committed to changing the sexual wellness industry whilst tackling the taboo of self-pleasure in the disability community. Our dedication towards this community begins with believing a change is needed and taking action through campaigning and actively participating in educational dialogues.

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